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According to NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence): "On average nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the Unite States."


I was a victim of domestic violence and  narrowly escaped those statistics and lived to write about it.I created this site specifically to share my story and to introduce to you my new book: "Are You Broken...You Can Be Restored" An accomplishment that I am so proud of and one that I am sure God guided me through step by step so that others may be helped. I surppresed my story for more than 30 years, but this is a topic that must be raised. Statistics show that domestic abuse is the least of all crimes reported in the United States. Many victims are abused up to 65 times before they either find the courage to report it; or are discovered. So I am here now to bring some light to this important and serious subject.

Please come on in and have a look around. Let's see how we, together, can make changes to these sad statistics. My story ended very well, and it is my hope, that along with your help, we will be able to encourage similar outcomes for those who are living in the dark shadow of domestic violence, drug abuse and dysfunctional family life.

There is hope! This book was written with you in mind and has already help many people since it came off the press!



A dramatic story of being held in the grips of domestic violence, drug addiction, and family dysfunction and after loosing 30 years of my life , I was finally set free from near death encounters, by the timeless love of God. 

If I could be restored; So can you! I share how one may find him or herself in such a predicament as domestic violence while not realizing it is, surprisingly, more to it than meets the eye. My book is ideal for a  gift for your friends and relatives male or female. For electronic gadgets, the E-book will be a perfect addition as well. 


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