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I am a Christian woman,  a new author, a mother of two young adults, and one 12 year old grand son. A nature lover, a native to Atlanta Georgia, the youngest of 3 siblings, one older brother and two sisters. I have worked in Public service all of my life, including, Flight Attendant, Nursing, Interpreting for the Deaf, and most currently a Real Estate Agent. I like dogs most among all pets. I love to cook Vegetarian Cuisine but it's only fun when I am cooking for friends and family.   I have taken more time in writing to get this book out to the public, as I think it is of urgent importance.I took up writing many years ago as a form of journaling my thoughts to find peace and a place for my voice. I used the avenue of writing to escape years of domestic violence. I did not talk about it, but instead simply went into my hiding place of comfort and wrote short stories, poems and prayers.  I have written poems and other creative writes for friends and family to celebrate big events in their lives, such as weddings, graduations, and other occasions of celebration. I have enjoyed seeing the joy and happiness that writing in these settings have brought to the lives of others. Seeing how making a simple writing personal to someone could make such a huge difference in their  lives and special events. I am currently learning to play the violin, but I can't say that I have gotten too far. I must admit that the time I spend practicing is getting less and less, when it should be just the opposite if I hope to reach the goal I have set. The goal to bless someone at their sick bed, or play at a friends wedding or a special function. I tend to be very business all the time, but I spend a lot of time with me. I enjoy the very simple things in life, such as a long walk on a country road, and having tea with a friend. I am a very basic person who don't need much to be happy. Creating this website has made me very happy, but I must say that it has been a learning experience. You see, technology is not my thing really, but I have to keep up with the times, especially if I want to reach out to people like you. I'm so glad you stopped by! Here's hoping you know a little more about the autho

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Author's book signing  for "Are You Broken? You Can Be Restored! is coming soon. Date and location to be announced.

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" Your book is outstanding! I could not put it down, and I can not wait to have my daughter read it. She is going through some of the things you talk about in the book. Please, I hope you are going to write another one." 

A. Cook, Atlanta GA 01/01/2019

" I'm better already" I wasn't going through nothing! I want 5 copies for my daughters for their Christmas gifts." 

H Allen, Statesboro, Ga 

" Hi...I have about two chapters left, but it is awesome."

Lexi: Rincon, Georgia 01-03-2019

" I'm so excited.  And just like that, these words choked me up. I'm honored to have a true author sister in Christ." D Diaz, Pooler, Ga.

"Your book is hard to put down. It seems like it just pulls you to the next chapter. Bring me five for my family members. It is really good!" 

 I Holland, Jr. Statesboro, GA

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I am all over the place reading your book. It is well done and a blessing." 

R. Gilbert, Thayer, MO

"My friend called me and was reading it to me over the phone...I told here to stop because I want to get my own copy. I can't wait to read it." 

P. McMillan, 12/05/2018

" I started your book last night..and it is good. The only thing:I think it might be too short." B.C. Altston ,Port Wenthworth,  Ga.

"It's hard to put down." C. S. Dela Cruz

" Jill, I want you to know that I just finished reading your book...You knocked it out of the water. Now I have a better understanding of mental health and abuse. Thank you for sharing your story." 

S. Johnson, Atlanta, Ga 1/10/2018

"This book is completely capturing right from the first page, its's both full of relation and insight making it feel both familiar and introspective at the same time! I love the raw honesty and  vulnerability the author displays to her audience! I truly believe this book is divinely inspired as it seems to touch you so deeply whether you can relate to the story or not. The book brings such connectivity, strength and love to all people no matter what your struggle!"

Natasha B. ,Las Vegas, Nevada 02/04/2019

"Thank you for sharing your Amazing book! 

Sherry C, Statesboro, Ga. 01/16/2019

" Your book is good. It is so relatable. The way you have it set up, even makes it easy for young adults to understand."

Denise T, Savannah Ga. 02-05-2019

"This book is so good Ma! People will love it, I'm telling you!

J. Kennedy- Boynton Beach, Florida 01-29-2019

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