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Are you a victim of domestic Violence ? Do you know of anyone who has suffered domestic violence, drug addiction? It is likely that you do because unfortunately domestic abuse is a world wide epidemic.

Get ready to have comprehensive  interactive discussions about the subject of Domestic violence on this blog.

How To avoid domestic abuse.

Know the signs of domestic violence. 

Don't miss out. Get involved. You have come to the right place.

I've written a book about my life experience of 30 years of domestic violence, addiction,  and mental health involvement. I have been freed from that horrible life and want to share with you what I've learned. I aim to encourage and educate. 

Broken Relief Blog for victims of Domestic Violence

Why do victims of domestic abuse stay?

Are you chained to your circumstance?

There is a long list of reasons why someone would stay in an abusive relationship, instead of seeking for safety.  On page 132 of my book I address some of these reasons and how they tend to entrap and cause a person to feel he or she can not leave.

We will discuss them here.

 According to "there are 10 main reasons why a person who is being abused will not leave the abuser.

1. Lack of social support

2. Limited financial resources

3. Minimal work experiences

4. Child custody and support

5. Pets

6. Fear of being alone

7. Family or community pressure

8. Guilt for "causing" the abuse

9. A seemingly healthy relationship (episodic abuse events)

10. Fear of provoking additional violence.